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A versatile box that's both stylish and sturdy. Looking to create an unforgettable unboxing experience? This is the box for you!

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Also known as the Roll End Front Tuck (REFT) Mailer or Ear-lock Mailer, this box offers the best combination of form and function.

A popular box for direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands, the Mailer is also commonly used for corporate gifting, product sample kits, and influencer marketing campaigns.

Protective, pretty, and easy to assemble, it is our most popular box for subscription box companies.

Keep in mind the dimensions (LxWxH) represent the interior dimensions of the box.

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Choose from 3 materials:

  • Kraft

    Create an earthy, organic, natural feel at a reasonable cost. Made from environmentally friendly recycled paper. This is the least expensive option.

  • Standard White

    Also known as Mottled white or Oyster white, this is your base level white. Perfect for colorful designs, it is also made from recycled board and slightly more expensive than kraft

  • Premium White

    Also known as Kemi, this material is brighter than our Standard White and has a light coating with a slight sheen which helps colors pop. The most expensive option.

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  • No Printing
  • Printing - Light Coverage
  • Printing - Heavy Coverage

Simple designs - logos with basic text, for example - are deemed to be “light coverage”. Boxes with large sections of heavy ink coverage (>30%) are deemed to be “heavy coverage” and priced accordingly.

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Transparent, Simple Pricing

Printing costs are dependent on the amount of ink used to print your design:

10x7x2 White Mailer Box
No Printing
Light Coverage
Heavy Coverage

The pricing above assumes we digitally print the boxes. This means you can create designs with as many colors as you'd like at no additional cost per color. With no upfront costs for printing plates, it is great for shorter runs (<2,500) . For larger orders, please email us for the best pricing.

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Mail Ready & Retail Ready

The Mailer is a versatile box that can be shipped in the mail and also used in retail settings. Based on the size and shape of your box, we automatically select the best thickness (either E Flute ~1.5mm or B Flute ~3mm) for your job.

Be considerate of the height of your box. For this style, increasing the height will increase your cost more than the Length or Width.

Printing inside of the box can also be arranged for an additional cost. Please email us directly for double sided pricing.

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